1. Collection After The Convocation Ceremony
Degree Certificate and Academic Transcript will only be issued to you after the Convocation Ceremony upon returning the  Convocation  attire and all outstanding dues paid to the University.
Graduands are encouraged to collect your Certificate and Academic Transcript PERSONALLY.
The latest information will be uploaded in the bulletin board. 

Collection by a Representative
Graduates who are unable to collect their Degree Certificate and Academic Transcript and who wish to authorise another person, fill out the Authorisation Form for Collecting Convocation Items (Scroll & Transcripts). 
The authorized person is required to present the following documents upon collecting your Convocation Items:
        a)      The Authorisation Letter;
        b)      A copy of the Authorised Person’s NRIC/Passport.
Deliver via Courier Service
Graduands who are unable to claim their Certificate and Transcript in person may request for courier services. The University will not be liable for any loss or damage that might occur during the mailing process

More about Courier Service, please refer here.