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Parents / Guests with the Entrance Pass are allowed to enter the hall at 7.30 am (Morning session) & 1.30 pm (Afternoon session).

Each pass permits entry for TWO (2) persons.

Entrance Pass and Car Stickers can be downloaded from the Convo App.

Parents / Guests attending the convocation ceremony are required to be seated by 8.15 am (Morning session) &  2.15pm (Afternoon session).

Parents / Guests are NOT allowed to enter the convocation hall once the ceremony starts.

Parents / Guests are NOT allowed to leave the hall until the convocation ceremony ends.

Kindly note that children below 12 years old are not allowed to enter the convocation hall during the Convocation Ceremony.

Guests without entrance pass and children below 12 years old can view the Live Telecast of the Convocation Ceremony at the FOM Theater & FCI Theater.





Parents/guests are required to dress formally according to the following:

Male Guests :
Dress in National attire, lounge suits, long-sleeved shirts or batik shirts.

Female Guests :
Dress in National attire, official attire or suitable for the convocation ceremony.




Photographing facilities are available from professional photographers designated by the University during the ceremony.

Parents/guests are prohibited from standing/leaving their seats to take any photographs. 

Graduates should advise their parents/guests prior to this event.




Parents / Guests are advised to have breakfast/lunch before entering the convocation hall as the event is estimated to complete around 11.30 am (Morning session) & 5.30 pm (Afternoon session).

Breakfast/Lunch can be purchased at Haji Tapah Cafe, FOM Cafeteria, Convo Fest stalls Misri’s Plaza, which will start to operate from 7.00 am.