About MOHE Graduate Tracer Study

The main focus of this study is to obtain information on graduate employment, further education, perceptions on the curriculum and facilities, counselling services, etc. The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has developed an online graduate outcomes monitoring system to enable participating institutions to obtain the above data quickly, accurately and systematic.

Purpose and objective:

  • It serves as a good indicator of the effectiveness and efficiency of the institution’s delivery and management system.
  • For improvement of the Highest Learning Institutions career support system.
  • It helps to monitor graduates’ progress in the working world.
  • It provides information for curriculum review and updates
  • It is a platform to build partnerships with various agencies and institutions for sharing strategies in developing human capital.
  • Getting to know your graduate employers.
  • For transparency and accountability improvement
 How to do your Tracer Study


Date of commencement for MOHE Graduate Tracer Study: 16 August 2021


Click here to start your survey: https://graduate.mohe.gov.my/SKPG1/

  1. Kindly refer to your Award of Degree Letter to check for your Senate Date.
  2. MOHE login date is outlined as per table below, which is based on your Senate Date.
  3. Please be informed that data are uploaded into MOHE Graduate Tracer system in stages. Please be patient with us while we process your data for the next submission to MOHE.

Problems, regarding the completion of the MOHE Graduate Tracer Study,  should be directed to :


Contact Person


Tel Number

Mr. Albert Quek


Mr. Mohd Faizal Mat Jewari


03 83125987

Mr. Baktiar Hasnan


03 83125076



The MOHE Graduate  Tracer Study System must be completed before any graduate is allowed to collect the certificate and transcript. 





Below are the steps to fill in the SKPG 1 online survey:

Berikut adalah langkah-langkah untuk akses ke SKPG 1;


1.Visit GREaT’s official portal at https://great.mohe.gov.my/

   Layari portal rasmi GREaT di pautanhttps://great.mohe.gov.my/


2. At the main page, you need to scroll down and click button SKPG

   Di laman utama, sila skrol kebawah dan klik pada butang SKPG

3.  At Log In area, 

     Di ruang log masuk,

  • To change language, kindly refer to the tab on the top, right hand corner

          Untuk tukar bahasa, sila klik butang di hujung ruang kanan

  • Kindly fill in the details as per following EXAMPLE;

         Sila lengkapkan maklumat seperti CONTOH berikut;

4.  Then, click Submit

    Seterusnya, klik Hantar


Contact Person: Please email faizal.jewari@mmu.edu.my for further assistance.