Moe Graduate Tracer Study

Hi Graduates!

You have now reached the finish line. Congratulations!

Before leaving, we appreciate if you could update us your status in the link below as part of an employability exercise by the Ministry of Higher Education.



NOTES (Please read):

  1. If you find any error on your data, kindly email to with the error and the correct information. Kindly proceed with the survey as all correction will be done after the survey ended.
  2. Tracer study is a stand-alone survey system. It does NOT link to IncomeTax (LHDN) or other 3rd party agents.
  3. If you are currently working as part-timer, work-vacation, freelancer, drop-ship agent, or other means of working, kindly choose as “Working“.
  4. We strongly suggest you to choose as working as it will contribute to accurate statistic data for Graduate Employability rate.
  5. During this RMCO, we understand that finding a job is challenging. So, if you plan to further your study, please choose “Further Study” as your option.

We wish you a stroke of very good luck on your future success.


Thank you.