You are required to complete :
1) complete the MMU Convocation survey
2) completed the Registration process
3) paid the Graduation fees
4) completed the MOHE Tracer Study
5) completed the Alumni Profile Update
6) request a courier service and paid the postage fee.

You are required to to complete the online registration form here : https://convocation.mmu.edu.my/convo/register/login/

Please follow the steps below to register :
⦁ Click Register/Login
⦁ For first time login, click Sign Up / Forgot Password button to generate Password for login.
⦁ Check your email to get the temporary password.
⦁ Login into the website by using the temporary password to complete the registration.

You are advise to use your personal email address to register.

The Graduation Fees is a compulsory fee to be paid by all graduating students upon their graduation regardless of whether he/she intends to attend or not attending the Convocation Ceremony. The fees cover the cost of the convocation items (certificate and transcripts) and other expenses associated with graduation.

You have to log in to the registration process and view the amount for the graduation fees. You can made a payment thru the e payment or Flywire (Payment from Overseas)
a) MMU E Payment
⦁ Scan the QR code or go to https://bit.ly/3i7hRml direct to e Payment page.

⦁ SELECT THE FEE TYPE – Please select the “Graduation/Convocation” and edit the amount as per the amount owed.
⦁ ENTER YOUR DETAILS – Enter 10 digits of your Student ID and other fill.
⦁ MAKE YOUR PAYMENT- Submit payment and choose the available payment method

a) Payment from Overseas: FLYWIRES
⦁ Flywires mmulanding.flywire.com for transaction from other countries. A minimum payment amount of RM50.00 is required.

The fee is a fee for convocation items (certificate & transcript) and is NOT related to convocation ceremony .  


The convocation items will be posted by courier service to your mailing address. There is no self collect available during the pandemic. The convocation items will be posted starting from 20 September 2021 onwards.

Yes, the postage fee will be charge based on your mailing address. You are required to make a request for courier service and pay the postage fee. The convocation items will sent to your mailing address according to the information fill in the convocation items courier service system.


The date(s) of the Convocation ceremony can only be decided after the Government allows large gatherings to be held. You still can opt to attend the Convocation Ceremony at a later time, subject to instructions by MOHE depending on the situation of the pandemic.

You may refer to convocation website at https://convocation.mmu.edu.my for information regarding the MMU Convocation.

Yes. The convocation fees and the deposit of the robes will be charge to the graduates who opted to attend the convocation ceremony.

You will be updated at least within two (2) months prior to the Convocation Ceremony. You are advised to visit the convocation website https://convocation.mmu.edu.my/ from time to time for latest information.


You can purchase from any bookstore either physical bookstore or online e-commerce platforms; local or overseas.

It is limited to educational book purchase.
Stationery, magazine, novel is not eligible for the reimbursement.

Books which fall under category of educational, non-fictional books.

Yes. E-books are eligible for the reimbursement; limited to the type/category/genre as mentioned above.

There is no limit on the book price that you want to buy. But, the total reimbursement that you can claim is according to your Book Award value.

No. It can be in a single receipt or multiple receipts.

Yes, can. But the total reimbursement will be referred to your receipt amount. If the amount is RM90, then the reimbursement is RM90.