Dress code for the Convocation Ceremony



  • National / Traditional Costume.
  • Dark-coloured lounge suit, long sleeved shirt and tie.
  • Dark-coloured shoes (full-covered shoes).​


  • National / Traditional Costume.
  • Shirt or blouse with blazer.
  • Dark-coloured skirt (below knee-length) or long pants.
  • Black or dark-coloured court shoes (full-covered shoes).

The following items are Strictly Prohibited:

  1. Tight-fitting attire.
  2. Slippers, sandals and sport footwear.
  3. T-shirts.
  4. Jeans and shorts.
  5. Sports attire.
Please dress neatly and appropriately. The University has the right to refuse entry to graduands who are not appropriately dressed.
For further details, please refer to this link