For 2021 Graduates


Due to Covid-19, the convocation items (certificate and transcript) will ONLY be sent to all graduates by courier services starting from 20 September 2021 onwards.. A postage fee will also be charged to all graduates.

Prior to that, please ensure you have:

  1. completed the MMU Convocation survey, and
  2. completed the Registration process, and
  3. paid the Graduation fees, and
  4. completed the MOHE Tracer Study, and
  5. completed the Alumni Profile Update, and
  6. request courier convocation items and paid the postage fee.


Request Courier Convocation Items 


You are required to request to courier the convocation items and pay the courier service fees. For more information about courier service, courier service fee, please refer to Courier Service.


Acknowledgement Receipt of Convocation Items

You are required to acknowledge receipt of convocation items by scanning the QR code attached with the convocation items within 2 working days.



Important Note:

The University will not be liable for any loss or damage that might occur during the mailing process.

The cost of postage will be borne by the graduates.