i.    Collection of Convocation Attire (Robe)
In order for you to collect your convocation attire, you are required to present the PRE CONVOCATION CHECKLIST at the registration counter. Please ensure you have uploaded and obtained confirmation for the following items :
a) Confirmation Slip of MOE GraduateTracer Study
b) Payment Slip of the Convocation Fees
The latest information will be uploaded in the bulletin board.
Graduands who wish to collect the graduation robe early (18 & 19th September 2018), you may contact the official robe company as below:
WA Outfitters Sdn. Bhd.
No. 34C, Jalan Sesama,
Sri Gombak Industries Area,
68100 Batu Caves,
Time: 9:30 am- 5:00pm
Telephone Number : 03-6188 3430 / 03-6188 3431 / 03-6188 3432
Contact Person       : Ms. Zaidah / Ms. Habsah
Email                         :
  • Please make sure you have made the full payment (Convocation Fees) before collecting the convocation robe at WA Outfitters Sdn. Bhd.
  • You must bring the PRE CONVOCATION CHECKLIST
You must bring the AUTHORIZATION FORM (for collection on behalf) upon collecting the convocation robe.
ii.   Returning of Convocation Attire (Robe)
You are required to return the Convocation Attire before you collect your Degree Certificate and Academic Transcript.
Charges may be imposed on graduates if the convocation attire is damaged (defined as torn/ tattered/ stained/ discolored or in conditions not fit to be worn for Convocation) or lost.
a)    Returning of Convocation Attire (Saturday 22nd Sept 2018 until Monday, 24th Sept 2018)
The information regarding returning of convocation attire DURING convocation day will be uploaded in the bulletin board.
b)    Returning of Convocation Attire (Tuesday, 25th Sept 2018 Onwards)
Starting from 26th September 2018 (Wednesday), late penalty of RM 10.00 per working day will be charged for failure to return the academic attire within the time given. This will also affect the collection of the degree scroll and academic transcript.
The latest information will be uploaded in the bulletin board.

iii.   Purchasing of Convocation Attire (Robe)
Graduates who wish to purchase the robe, the price is as below. Further enquiry can be made at the robe purchase counter on the rehearsal day.


The ALUMNI Card are to be collected during the collection of robes. Please make sure you bring the card with you on the actual convocation day.
Failure to do so will cause your name NOT to appear on the screen and your name NOT being called when you take your scroll on the stage.
You need to verify the pronounciation of your names (Voice Over) during the collection of the card.

Each graduate will be given an official Invitation Card that allows TWO (2) guests to enter the Dewan Tun Canselor.
You have to ensure that your guests bring along the Invitation Card on the Convocation Day as no replacement will be issued.
A Car Sticker will be provided together with the invitation card. Only cars with the official convocation ceremony car sticker will be allowed to enter the campus.
Kindly take note that children below the age of 12 years old will NOT be permitted into the Dewan Tun Canselor.