Congratulations to All Graduates
MMU Convocation


When is the date of Convocation?

MMU’s Convocation Ceremony takes place on the 10 September 2017 to 11 September 2017.

Where is Convocation held?

MMU’s Convocation Ceremony takes place at the Dewan Tun  Canselor, Cyberjaya Campus, Selangor. 

What time does Convocation start and end?

This year convocation is divided into 4 sessions. For the morning session, the ceremony begins at 8:00am and lasts until noon, while the evening session starts at 2:00pm and lasts until 5:00pm.
All graduands shall assemble for the Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) on 7:30am for morning session and on 1:30pm for afternoon session.
For information about Convocation sessions, click here.
Suggested guest attire?

The dress code for guests attending the Convocation Ceremony is smart/formal. Male graduands are advised to wear a black suit with long-sleeved shirt, tie, trousers, socks and black shoes. Female graduands are advised to wear traditional dress, blouses, skirts, trousers, formal dresses and black or dark-coloured court shoes (full-covered shoes).

Guests are advised to wear lounge suit, traditional dress, batik or office attire.

Bow-ties, t-shirts, shorts, denim jeans, slippers, sport shoes, sandals and inappropriate footwear are strictly-prohibited.

How many tickets will each graduand receive?

Each Graduand will be given the following items during the collection of academic attire:



Items for Graduand

Diploma of Education
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Doctoral Degree

Two (2) invitation cards

Why must graduands check and update the personnel information?

Graduands are required to update their personnel information to ensure the information printed on the scroll and academic transcript is correct. In addition, current information will be used as a reference source for MMU Alumni office.

What is Tracer Study?

Tracer Study is an annual survey made compulsory to be completed by graduands upon completion of a degree. This study is used to gather information on graduands’ employment status and their review of past academic experience in this University.

How do I complete the Tracer Study?

Graduands can access the Tracer Study online by visiting Kindly fill in the survey form as accurately as possible and and upload the confirmation slip to the convocation website. Failure to complete the survey form will consequently cause delay on the collection of the academic attire as well as collection of scroll and academic transcript.
I lost my student matric card; can I still collect my academic attire, scroll and academic transcript?

Yes, you may collect your academic attire, scroll and academic transcript by presenting your pre-checklist form and post-checklist form.

Can I buy the academic attire? If yes, how do I make the purchase?

Yes, you may purchase the academic attire. The academic attire is sold either in one (1) complete set of gown, mortarboard or separately. For more information on how to buy the academic attire, please contact SUPB Sdn Bhd,Telephone Number: 03-6188 3430.

I am not attending the Convocation Ceremony. How do I collect my scroll and academic transcript? Can I collect my scroll and academic transcript through my representative?

Graduands who opt not to attend the Convocation Ceremony are required to collect their own convocation item according to the schedule.
Graduates who are unable to collect their Degree Certificate and Academic Transcript and who wish to authorize another person to do so are required to submit Letter of Authorization for the Collection of Convocation Items (Scroll & Graduate). Graduates may download from here, complete and sign the letter before hand it over to the authorized person.
Authorised person is required to produce the following documents during collection of Degree Certificate and Academic Transcript:

a) The Letter of Authorization
b) A copy of authorize person's NRIC/Passport.
c) A copy of MOE Tracer Study slip (should it is not uploaded in the convocation website)

I cannot attend the Convocation Ceremony. Can I request my scroll and academic transcript to be sent by mail?

Yes, for more information, please visit Convocation Items Courier Service website. Please be informed that your request to courier your convocation items to your home address will be made after 1 October 2017. No courier will be made from today until 1 October 2017.

I will not be attending the Convocation Ceremony. Am I allowed to collect the academic attire for personal purposes?

Yes, please contact SUPB Sdn Bhd,Telephone Number: 03-6188 3430 for further information.